Mishkan Hatchelet

V-Neck Cotton Comfort Tallit Katan

Made of soft, pre-shrunk, combed cotton, this popular tzitzis shirt can be worn in place of an undershirt. Made in Israel.
Cotton Comfort tallit katan features include:
  • Double-stitched V-neck
  • Patented side-connector band
  • Reinforced corners
  • Reinforced tzitzit holes
  • Built-in corner pockets protect tzitzit strings while laundering

Our most popular cotton tzitzit garment, the Cotton Comfort is designed to make wearing tzitzit as comfortable as can be. In summer many people opt to wear NeaTzit-style tallit katan in place of an undershirt to eliminate one layer of clothing. And there are also those who wear them all year round because of the contour fit, which is especially important to those who lead an active lifestyle and want a tallit katan that stays neatly in place.



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