Hourglass Body Type

The hourglass shape is shapely, curvy and feminine. Throughout history, the hourglass figure has epitomised the female form and have been the subject of artist muse’s throughout the centuries.

The hourglass figure typically has curvy bust, curvy hips, small and often high waist, and generous thighs. This shape is proportioned through the shoulders and hips, which are balanced.


Jackets & Coats

  • Single-breasted jackets and coats will look best, with one or two buttons close together on the waistline. These will emphasise a shapely waist and minimise fuss across her generous bust line.
  • A V-shaped neck opening will be much more flattering, than a higher neckline as it will add length to a fuller bust.
  • Longer styles will need fit at the waist. It is best to choose a shape that glides or flares over the hips, to emphasise the beautiful shape of your body without cling. Waist seams should follow the contours of the body rather than be straight across.
  • Pockets should be discreet, not a feature, and can emphasise a nipped-in waistline, creating extra shaping.
  • This is a soft, curvy figure so you can even go as far as selecting pockets and lapels that have curved edges, rather than angular edges to emphasise the soft femininity of this shape.
  • Select fabric that is softer with lycra or elastane content that flows with your curves. 

Shirts, Tops & Tees

  • Select semi-fitted styles to highlight to your beautiful waistline. Belted styles will work really well to define the waist too. Wrap styles will be particularly good as they create a perfectly fitted neat silhouette.
  • Details that will divert the eye away from the bust area are effective so sleeve details are perfect for this.
  • Tuck-in or tie-at-the-waist, to highlight the waistline too. All styles should finish no longer than waist length.



  • Select styles that are defined at the waistline.
  • Semi-fitted belted and wrap styles with lycra will flatter this clients proportioned shape.


  • Pencil skirts are the best-friend for this shape who shines with the neat dressing approach. Again, aim for added lycra or elastane content.
  • Flat-fronted, A-line and wrap styles. All waist-defining styles will look good. Avoid pleats at the waist or hips as they add volume and figure-crushing width. 


  • Belts that define your waist (your hourglass’s finest feature) can be worn with a variety of looks to cinch your small waist.
  • Aim to keep jewellery, especially necklaces and earring minimal. Too much-added details will clutter your curvy shape and fuller bust.
  • Longer earrings will lengthen the face, so can be useful to add-length to a round face shape or the fuller-bust area. If you opt for this, try not to add more jewellery.


  • Curvy girls rock in curvy style shoes! Aim for a wedge or platform heel with a round or peep-toe
  • Bows or details on the toes that draw the eye down lengthen the silhouette and will flatter a curvy hourglass shape


  • Black colours will show off this well-propotioned body shape in its full glory.

Print and Pattern

  • Keep print small or medium and ensure they work well all over the entire garment
  • An all-over pattern will highling the fantastic proportions of this body shape. Be aware that large patterns can swamps your client’s hourglass figure.

To avoid:

  • Pleats around the hips and tummy add buld where its not needed.
  • Side pockets, especially with detail on denim skirts, will also add extra bulk
  • Double breasted jackets will add width and make a full bust appear even fuller!
  • Blouses, tops with bows or ruffles will add fuss and volume where it is not needed or wanted.
  • Boxy, straight-cut clothing will hire your beautiful shape and make your look big all over.