Laundry tips for success!

For a long time now, doing laundry has become a relatively quick and easy task. Thanks to washing machines we do not have to spend long hours in the sink mistreating our clothes and our hands. However, this does not mean that the washing machine works magic. There are some things you should do to keep your clothes clean and in good condition for longer. We are here to give you some tips to make your clothes look like new.

Before throwing in the washing machine

1. Read the labels. There are some more delicate garments than others that require a different treatment. Before you empty your dirty clothes into the washing machine, make sure what care your clothes need. Take into account the type of fabric it is made of, what temperature the water should be at, if it requires spin-drying or if it is preferable to wash it by hand.

2. Tie the laces and close the zippers to prevent your clothes from snagging and ripping.

3. Empty the bags. It's amazing what one can find in the pockets of the pants. Before putting them in the washing machine, take everything out and make sure there are no paper or coins left that can damage your clothes or the washing machine.

4. Flip the clothes. Printed denim and t-shirts retain their colors better if you turn them inside out and let the back of the clothing come in direct contact with the blades, soap, and sun when you store it.

5. Separate by color. Dark colored clothes can fade and completely ruin your light colored or white clothes. Separate it to avoid these painful accidents. The most common separation is between white clothes and colored clothes, you can also separate towels and sheets that are washed less frequently and tend to be dirtier.

In the washing machine

1. Choose the right cycle. If it is delicate clothes, you need a short cycle with little spin so that your clothes are not damaged. This information is usually on clothing labels.

2. Water temperature. In general, white clothes are washed with hot water and colored clothes with cold water to take care of the colors. There are also fabrics that need different temperatures. Silk and synthetic fibers such as lycra should be washed in cold or lukewarm water.

3. Detergent type. Powder detergent is ideal for removing stains on white clothes, while liquid detergent is ideal for colored and more delicate clothes. If your clothes have stains, you can try mixing these two types of soap. Put a little powdered soap on the stains and use liquid soap for the rest of the load.

4. If you are going to introduce delicate clothing such as your underwear, you can choose to introduce it inside a special net for delicate clothing or a pillowcase, so you can prevent it from tearing or wearing out.

Now you know how to make your clothes clean and last longer. Remember that the amount of water, detergent and water temperature you use also directly impacts the environment. If you can take advantage of the washes by putting the right amount of clothes and using little detergent at a warm temperature, you will be taking care of the environment and taking care of your clothes.