How to dress according to your body shape


  1. Hourglass 

In this type of body, the shoulders are the same width as the hips and a marked waist. The top and bottom half of the body are proportionate with a narrow waist. If you have this body type, here are some tips to look perfect flatter your body shape:

Take advantage of the skirts that mark your narrow waist. An A line skirt this season will be ideal for you. If your waist is very defined, take advantage of it. Any coat or dress that has a belt or bow at the waist will be a good ally. An example could be wearing a Top with should pads fitted paired with an A-line is one way to create a balanced look. 

  1. Triangle/Pear

The Pear body shape is defined by a small bust, well-defined and small waist, and bigger hips and bottom. If you identify yourself with this body type, you might want to follow these tips!

To get a proportionate and flattering look, balance the width of the shoulders with the hips and try to visually lengthen and slim the body. Puffed sleeves, gathered shoulders, epaulettes, embroidery, embellishment waisted styles, big lapels and shoulder pads would all help draw the eye upwards and broaden the shoulders. Fitted-at-the-waist styles, with filler A-line skirts are and excellent option to find a balance in your body shape.

  1. Round/apple

The apple body shape is defined by a wider top-half than the bottom-half, and lack of waist, so almost the opposite to the pear. Full-bust, medium shoulder, a flat or curvy tummy and no waistline. The narrow part is the hipline with a flat bottom and slim hips, and a very slender legs and ankles. Let's look at our options!

You should highlight the best parts of your body shape, this would be the bust and/or the legs. This will help take the attention away from the midsection if that’s what you desire. Try keeping details above the bust line and below the hipline, everything in between should be kept simple. Keep your silhouette fitted under the bust, below your arms and around your waist and play around with detailed sleeves to build volume on the upper body. Cap sleeves or shoulder pads will be your best friend.

  1. Rectangular 

The rectangular or athletic shape is slender with small breasts, a gently defined waist, and slim hips. The shape can also be slightly athletic, with a slight muscular form and a clear lack of curves. If you have this body shape, below are some tips you could take advantage of! 

Tucking in at the waistline with a belt, will accentuate the waist and create the illusion of a curvier shape. Select chiffon, jersey or other fluid fabrics to create a movement and the illusion of a curve. Styling with print, florals or floaty styles will instantly soften angular shapes, add femininity and create curves in all the right places. Try to avoid over baggy, shapeless clothing creates a shapeless silhouette on a rectangular body shape.

  1. Inverted Triangle

The inverted triangle shape is defined with her top-heavy shape including a large bust, very little waist and slim hips. This shape does, however, have round shoulders which align with the hips, with long, slim legs. Below are some ideas you could use if you have this body shape!

Styles can be straight, A-line or wider. The wider they are, the better proportion you create to balance with the wider top-half. Sleeve details should not be tight-fitting, but slightly looser to compliment her generous bust. So be aware, that tight and shorter sleeves will exaggerate her top-heavy shape. An empire line dress will be very flattering as long as it is only gently gathered, to flatter the generous bust and accentuate the narrowest part of the body, creating a lovely shapely silhouette.

Try to avoid any ruffles, pleats, embellishments, shiny tops or sparkly tops that will increase the size of an already full bust.